Dove Cameron Style

Dove wore this EXACT sweatshirt in Ryan’s instagram photo

The Rolling Stones Sweatshirt

Sold out at Urban Outfitters

Available on Poshmark in dark grey in sizes medium & large

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Sorry for the low quality picture, but it’s the black and white outfit Dove wears in the shoe-a-rooney episode. Can you find the entire outfit please?

The skirt was matched HERE

The top & blazer look pretty basic, so HERE is a similar top & HERE is a similar blazer.

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Dove (as Maddie) wears this EXACT cardigan on Liv & Maddie “Premiere-A-Rooney” (airs September 21, 2014)

Maison Jules Striped Ruffle Cardigan

Sold out at Macy’s

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Dove (as Liv) wears this EXACT heart print top in season 2 promotional pictures of Liv & Maddie

Maison Jules Heart Print Top

Sold out at Macy’s

Available on eBay in dress version in size medium HERE

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Anonymous: Could you do a tutorial or list makeup items and the look that dove has for playing liv

I’m not going to get into any foundation or concealer because I don’t really use them, but you’d want to get ones that make your face look more matte and cover all problem spots/dark circles in your personal shade.

Based of THIS look (I’ll list pricey & cheaper alternatives for each section)






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Dove wore these EXACT tights in Twist Magazine

Urban Outfitters Polka Dot Tight

Sold out


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Dove (as Liv) wore this EXACT style of shirt in Liv & Maddie “Skate-A-Rooney”

Intimately Free People Seamless Tee (not photographed in exact colour)

Sold out

Available on Poshmark in pink/size small HERE

Available on eBay in white/size m/l HERE

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I will be turning off the anon tomorrow night at 9pm est

So if you wanted to make requests on anon, now’s the time to do so!

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Anonymous: could you p

Your question got cut off

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Dove Cameron Style
I'm Rory & I find things Dove wears.
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